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E Virtual technical support services can help you maximize the return on your outsourcing & technology investments. Working with the best infrastructure, technology and team, our technical support service stands out in the competition primarily because of the EVS approach towards first time resolution.

We have been working with international clientele for years and the successful “3-T” formula has always helped us in achieving greater quality and build rapport.

The EVS 3-Ts

Technology, Training & Team

It is evident that technical support cannot run efficiently on outdated, old and loosely implemented technology. E Virtual Services invests enough resources on a regular basis to keep ourselves up to date with latest available technology.

Once, CEOs of two giant fortune 500 corporations were having lunch together when one of them asked. Why do you spend so much on training every month? What if people you train leave the company? Won’t it be a big loss to you?

The other gentleman replied with a courteous smile – I am more worried about the cost I will pay if I don’t train them and they never leave.”

We truly understand the criticality of training each individual for the overall growth of company, and have our technical team and the management actively participate in several technical, sales, communication & interpersonal skills and management trainings round the year.

Great Infrastructure, best of technology and world class machines doesn’t form companies but only buildings good to look at. It’s the people who make a company what it actually is. The management at E Virtual Services has extensive experience in managing international projects for BPO and KPO giants. The executive level teams here are chosen after thoroughly scrutinizing the market on a look out for the best of skills and go through rigorous training programs before graduating to the production floor.

Supported Operating Systems -:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows Millennium
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Windows 98 First Edition
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Sun Solaris

Supported Database Software

  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Sybase

Supported Hardware

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Sound Cards
  • Video Cards
  • Ethernet Cards

Networking Devices

  • Dial –up and DSL/cable modems
  • Ethernet cards and adapter
  • Wireless network components

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Virtual Assistant Services are becoming one of the most desired business concepts throughout the world. A virtual assistant is a highly-skilled, independent professional who works virtually or remotely for a particular client.

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Michael Felder

E Virtual Services allowed me to grow my business rapidly. I hired an assistant to manage my orders, and also up to 5 people who repriced my inventory during my peak ordering season. I was able to cut my labor costs by over 50%, which allowed me to increase profitability and sales faster than I ever would have dreamed! I will recommend this to everyone I know! Cheers!

Michael Felder
Vinni Lohiya

I used the internet research and accounting services of E Virtual Services. They gave me great results at a great price. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for these type of services.

Vinni Lohiya
Nancy Kremer

I realized that my business needed a Web Site and had been calling around for price quotes when I got a call from E Virtual Services. They, by far, had the best bang for the buck with their Web Site design package. Im so pleased with my Web Site and have already seen an increase in business in the last two months!

Nancy Kremer
Robert Brown

I own a small motor manufacturing company and decided to switch my customer support call center to E Virtual Services. I wasnt sure how I would like it, but after trying it, I was very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency. Making the switch saved me 52% on labor costs, and was one of the best business decisions I have made in a while. Thanks again!

Robert Brown
Carl Reece

These guys designed and registered my website for me, and all I have to do is pay a low monthly fee for them to host and maintain it. Within the first 2 months my business had increased by around 30 percent! I would strongly recommend their web marketing as well. Overall I give these guys 2 thumbs up!.

Carl Reece
Josh Ackermann

I used their SEO services and was able to increase my web traffic last month by 78%! I have seen a big increase in calls and people stopping in my store as a result. Kudos to the E Virtual Services team and thanks again!

Josh Ackermann
Tricia Smith

These guys designed me a professional website for my insurance business for about half of what most of the other companies were quoting. I was really impressed with the result too! Thanks 

Tricia Smith