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Sales Lead Qualification

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Do you think the ROI on the leads you pay for every month is not as much as you expected? Have you calculated your averages of leads turning into sales? Do you think there is a gap between the leads and the sales process working efficiently?

If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, then you definitely want to check on E-Virtual Sales Lead Qualification and Lead generation services. We not only can create leads and lead databases of potentials for you, but can also filter the leads as per the different requirements of different product and services you deal into.

Though we all would love to have everyone in the world as our customer, but we also know that every product has a special and specific target audience who may need and eventually buy the product depending on several factors such as current financial stature, age, sex, profession, geographical location, exposure to technology and many more.

To be able to figure out the type of lead (customer), a better sales lead qualification approach is required so that the process is streamlined and you focus most on Definite customers who are more likely to buy.

EVS lead categories -:

  • Potential
  • Prospect
  • Definite

It’s the years of observation and understanding that has helped us come up with this unique and proven strategy to boost sales lead process across your organization’s sales department. The three categories mentioned above are stages that everyone goes through before committing to become your customer.

There may be thousands of people approaching your business, but not everyone enters the sales qualification funnel. People who first of all qualify to be a user of your product/service come under the Potential category; for an example, if you sell broadband phones, consumers that already use broadband internet services would be your potentials, and every potential cannot be called and risked the resources for.

Going further, Prospects would be the ones who fall under the next refined category, may be people who can afford your broadband phone, who are tech savvy and are of young age. Contacting this category would be a useful practice to move onto the final category where you can approach the consumer with all the intentions to close.

Now imagine if you can get leads specific to your product and services categorized as per the EVS sales lead qualification structure, would it not be easy to increase sales efficiently. You can have less skilled, fresh sales people take care of the first category, just to educate the consumers & increase their interest and have the best of your sales force closing on the definite customers. Once this process goes on and forms a cycle, you will experience a never before tenfold rise in your sales and overall returns.

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