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Customer Retention

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Customer retention is a very critical business function working on improving company’s image as retaining an existing customer is equally, in fact more important than creating new ones. A customer very seldom leaves a service provider because of reasons that are not in the control of the company such as, geographic location change, miss-happenings etc.

It is seen that more than 80% of the times, a customer switches after encountering a bad experience with the company. As for a customer, the support department acts as the face of a company interacting with customers, most of the grievances are created at the customer service level and if not looked after properly, results in termination of the contract between your company and consumer.

Companies that have a small customer base, it is not required for them to have a dedicated customer retentions department, as the in-house customer service or customer support division can look after retentions and address every customer on a personal basis. However, for large corporations who cater to millions of consumers with telecom, IT, insurance and other services, managing a separate retentions department could be an extra cost and added burden to the corporation.

With so many choices available today, it does not even take a fraction of a second for your customer to switch to another service provider. E-Virtual Services is an expert to manage your customer retention with our experienced professionals to provide high quality customer service. With our unique (AER) strategy (Address - Empathize - Resolve), you can be assured to have over 90% unhappy customers forget the past and get back to your services with new expectations. Your customers are more likely to stay loyal for that “extra support” that everyone seeks from a service provider.


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