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Press Release Writing

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Press release is a document which contains interesting news about your company, promoting new or existing product & services with the help of offline and online media.

Serving marketing needs of companies all over the world, this unique yet, subtle style of promotion & marketing has made its way from the print media to the online world with great ease. From educating the investors and board members to promoting new product launches, Press Release Marketing has proved to be a useful and professional method over years.

Our Cost effective press release writing services ensures the usage of highly sophisticated journalistic style of writing, which is considered the most suitable for press releases.

All of us know that products and services around the globe make money on word of mouth publicity, you use something, you like it and you tell others about it, no matter what, we can’t stop it as it’s an evident part of human nature to share. Still, why do you think billions of dollars are spent on advertising alone, helping celebrities make fortunes out of it? Fortune 500 companies can’t be stupid to just spend on something that doesn’t give results. Well, it is true that word of mouth sells almost everything and is responsible for the overall success of a product or service, however, making the public aware that such product exists is the first step towards the success, and that is what advertising caters to.

GM of the advertising division of an FMCG giant Procter & Gamble was once asked - what is the need of constantly spending on advertising when they are already an established brand for many decades? Upon which he answered that if a consumer don’t see you as a brand face to face for a few days, it is likely that he would forget that you exist or may think you are out of business. Advertising and promotion is necessary to make people aware and remind that you still exist.

Experts at E-Virtual Services are mass communications specialists who can create the right blend of news and advertising material to promote your brand and making new ones aware and existing users remind that you exist and exist well in this challenging, competitive world.


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