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Sensitivity Analysis

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Sensitivity analysis is the technique of identifying the effects of steadily changing variables in a business model. There are a lot of uncertain factors in a budgeting process like future tax rates, interest rates, inflation rates, headcount, operating expenses and other variables may not be known with great accuracy.

What can you get at E-virtual Services?

E-Virtual Servicesincorporates sensitivity assessments within its decision analysis findings.  We at E-Virtual Services offer sensitive analysis for our clients all over the world.  It helps E-Virtual Services to find more sensitive factors in assessing a decision. Our team of experts follows a strict set of rules to give you a more precise analysis. We take utmost care on pursuing new project developments, scheduling acceleration and compression. We also help you allocating construction resources, mitigating construction risks, maximizing profit and help you grab international projects. We use advanced tools and applications to carry out the analysis including Influence Diagrams, Tornado Diagrams, Precision Tree, Top Rank and Microsoft Excel.

Advantages of sensitivity analysis at E-virtual Services:

  • Support decision making.
  • Communication improvement from modelers to decision makers.
  • Improved quantification of the system.
  • Model development.

We follow the accurate methodology while doing the analysis. There are also some more facilities which can be accessed after the sensitivity analysis at E-virtual Services. We help you in identifying critical assumptions, detecting important criteria, optimizing resource allocation, guiding you in future data collection and so on.

So, if want a sensitivity analysis and you are puzzled about choosing the right companion to do so, come forth and contact us. We have the right set skills and people to help you out.

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