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Securities Analysis

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We, at E-Virtual Services offer security analysis services for our client worldwide. We have a team of experts who have the capability to offer security analysis for your business.

  • Administrative permissions for analysis services database objects.
  • User permissions for viewing the data.

We provide professional administrators for your company who can perform the following functions:

  • Creation and modification of database objects.
  • Reading data in cubes.
  • Object processing.
  • Creating and editing database.

We have a team of professionals who can perform any kind of operation on analysis server. The role of analysis service is often compared with the role of system admin in SQL server.  

Our admin can also fix roles and grant them various levels of permission. Permissions include:

1.       Full control: it means member who is given this kind of role can perform any operation within the current database.

2.       Process database: members with this kind of role can process the database that is currently used.  They cannot change any server properties though they are given full control.

3.       Read-only database: members of this role can only read the data and they are not given any privilege to change the data.

E-Virtual Serviceshave an expertise in all the security analysis and they have the ability to conduct the analysis of security related issues, for instance in relationship to electronic voting and public voting.

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