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New Product Development

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The need for lean, rapid and profitable new product development has never been greater. Product life cycles are shorter, competition is more intense and customers are more demanding. Companies that fail to innovate face a grim future. The problem is that winning with new products is not easy.

E virtual services has implemented a conceptual and operational road map for moving a new-product project from idea to launch.

Product innovation begins with an idea and ends with the successful launch of a new product. The steps between these points can be viewed as a dynamic process. We divide this process into a series of activities and decision points.

Our product innovation system has been referred to as the single most important discovery in product innovation – empowering most of the outsourcing companies to gain improved returns on their product development and to achieve new growth.

E virtual services implement the whole process properly and delivers tremendous impact:

  • Accelerates speed-to-market
  • Increases likelihood of product success
  • Introduces discipline into an ordinarily chaotic process
  • Reduces re-work and other forms of waste
  • Improves focus via gates where poor projects are killed
  • Achieves efficient and effective allocation of scarce resources
  • Ensures a complete process – no critical steps are omitted

A more effective, efficient and faster process improves your product innovation better.

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