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Upselling & Cross Selling

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One of the efficient ways to increase overall sales is to try to up sell or cross sell to your customers who call in for support or information. E-Virtual Services understands the concept well and has the expertise to carry out any sales campaign for your company whether on a short term or long term basis.

Used in several ways to either increase demand of a newly launched product or to give support to the sales division and increase overall sales, Up selling and Cross selling is a unique and interesting concept used by many industries such as retail, e-commerce, BPO, Technical and many more.

Do you realize that when you go to a departmental store or a shopping mall, you end up buying things that you either never planned to or weren’t in need of at all. It was upsold to you by the interesting concept of retailing thousands of choices under one roof.

Up selling or Cross selling over the phone is somewhat similar to the same concept, the only difference being a tele-marketer trying to sell over and above the service you get or are looking for.

Extensive sales trainings at EVS has matured all of our staff upto the level where each team member can confidently pitch any product after a short training for product knowledge. When we are upselling r cross selling for you, our focus is on -:

  • Figure out the need of the customer (create the need)
  • Pitch the product
  • Show them their benefit (what’s in it for them)
  • Compare with other or current similar product/service they are using
  • Close, close & close.

One of the greatest salesman of all times has said “90% of salesmen give up after the 4th close, the 10% who persist up till the 5th closing make 90% of the total world sales”

Backed by such ideologies, EVS sales force can bring visible changes to your overall sales and returns.

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