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Brand Positioning & Strategy

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Product or brand positioning is an important strategy for achieving differential advantage. Positioning reflects the "place" a brand occupies in a market or segment. A successful brand position has characteristics that are both differentiating and important to consumers. 

Our positioning process is predicated on understanding everything about your brand, where it's been and where it's headed. The resulting naming process is based on a forward-looking positioning strategy that takes into account your brand, your competition, and your entire sector.

While it's important to understand what competitors are doing in order to act in a distinctive and powerful way, it's also useful to learn from their mistakes and successes.

  • Grounded in the brand’s core values
  • Clearly relevant and engaging to your target market
  • Able to create some sort of positive emotional attachment beyond just being “good”
  • Repeated internally and externally within your organization
  • Adaptable to the business climate
  • Continually reinforced
  • Consistent across advertising and marketing mediums
  • Known and echoed by business partners

Positioning a brand relies on strong intelligence surrounding the competitive landscape and the target market’s need, awareness of this need and their attitudes and preferences surrounding this need. Once we understand the brand opportunities, we can laser focus the brand position to capture the most lucrative opportunity that is feasible to attain.

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