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Answer: We are actually a global company with our offices and our affiliates all around the world! Our primary operations offices are in New Delhi, India, and our main marketing/ sales offices are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What sets us apart from many companies is that we can do everything for your company virtually instead of just one or two skills. There are many companies that specialize in one area such as virtual assistance, internet marketing, call centers, website development, translation, etc.; but we are all of those and more. If it can be done digitally and you can imagine it, chances are we can do it!

Answer: Since the majority of our clients are from the US, most of our virtual assistants are working during US timing from approximately 8am - 5pm CST Monday through Friday. To accommodate needs of clients in other locations such as Europe and Asia we also have another shift from 10 pm to 6 am EST as well. By special request, we can accommodate nearly any hours for your VA or team you would like as we have some processes working 24/7.

Answer: We have virtual assistants with a wide variety of skills. E Virtual Services can take on anything that can be done over the internet and phone. Some of the common tasks that we do on a regular basis are:

Our capabilities are not limited to only these tasks, and as long as you can provide training, we can help you with basically anything that can be done remotely. We also have a web development team if you need help in designing a new website or maintaining your existing website. The rate for web design or development team starts at $15 an hour. We can also give you a project based quote if it's a fairly large project. Just let your VA know that you need some help from our web team and one of our web project managers will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Answer: Yes, you would be assigned a dedicated virtual assistant who will be your main point of contact on a regular basis. Just treat your VA as your regular employee, and train him or her on how you want things done. Our virtual assistants are thoroughly trained on most of the regular jobs that we receive from our clients, however since each client has their own requirements, we recommend you to spend some time initially with your dedicated VA to explain what you need to get done and how you like tasks done. Spending a little time with your assistant, in the beginning, will help you save time in the long run and achieve the exact results you want.

Answer: You will be provided with your VA's direct email id and US phone number, and you can get in touch with him or her anytime you wish. We provide options for:

Answer: You will be contacted by one of our team leaders within 12 to 24 hours after your sign up, and the team leader will assign you a dedicated assistant who he or she thinks will be the best candidate for you depending on your requirements. Typically, you can start sending your work the very next day, after you sign up (within 24 hours) if not the same day!

Answer: You can always reach your team leader directly and discuss any concerns that you might have if you are not satisfied with the current assistant. We can always assign you a new VA if needed. If something else is not going well on your project or you would like to contact customer service, please email

Answer: Yes, we do provide an hourly rate service for $15 per hour. However, we encourage our clients to take advantage of our monthly plans with hourly rates as low as $5 per hour. Our plans are designed in such a way that the higher the number of hours, the lower will be your hourly rate.

Answer: You will be sent a task report on a regular basis at the end of the shift with the name of the project that you have assigned, time taken to complete each project, status of the project whether it is completed or not, and if not completed, the reason for that. You will also be provided a username and password to login to our admin area from where you can pull up a daily, weekly or monthly task report. You can use the same admin area to export your contacts for email management and also to update your address or payment information.

Answer: You will be notified by your VA if you are about to go over your hours. There are 2 options available. You may:

1) buy additional hours at $15 per hour,

2) or you can just ask the VA to let our Accounts department renew your account when you go over regardless of your renewal date. For example if your original renewal date is on the 1st of each month and you already went over the hours by the 20th of the month, you can just ask your VA to renew your account on the 20th and your next month's billing cycle starts on the 20th and will last for the next 30 days.

Answer: If you have any additional specific questions that are not answered on this page, feel free to use our contact us form or send an email directly to and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with the answers to your questions via email or phone.

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant, just select the plan that fits your budget, sign up and enjoy the free time that you could save by using our VA service. Your VA will get in touch with you with their contact info within 24 hours of your sign up. We look forward to start working for you and to provide you excellent customer service.

Answer: Our operations are very secure and well designed to keep sensitive data as safe, if not more secure than it would be in your own offices.

1. Our offices and machines are all highly monitored.
2. We use a secure firewall, on a password encrypted network to ensure integrity.
3. All employees are supervised continually and are provided technical support to guarantee that operations run smoothly.
4. All systems use Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office software, remain in our offices at all times, and are protected by Anti-Virus software.
5. We are registered with the Data Protection Act. We follow all the requirements as per the Data Protection Act's Requirement.
6. We have internet firewalls, and internet restriction policies,Physical security of our offices:
7. Fingerprint based entry and exit, IP-based security cameras, 24-hour security personnel on duty, and no writing material or mobile phones allowed on the operations floor. Your details will always be 100% secure.
8. We also use top notch SSL encryption to make sure your data stays safe and protected. Our assistants can’t access any of your personal information that you have provided in your account unless you specifically grant them permission so they may purchase things on your behalf for example.

Answer: At E Virtual Services we are available to you directly during our business hours listed or anytime via email or voicemail and will get back to asap if we cannot take your call. Simply call 1-888-471-5624, email

Give specific and detailed descriptions of what you would like done and offer direction on how you would like this task executed. Once you have signed up, you may contact your virtual assistant anytime directly. If you have additional questions or concerns you may always contact your team leader, your sales agent, or

Answer: There are absolutely no start-up fees for hiring a virtual assistant because we are that confident you will love our services. The only fee will be the monthly subscription if you are hiring a virtual employee for the hourly rate at which they will be working.

Answer: Although this is very rare since most of our clients are very satisfied with their virtual assistant, sometimes due to outside factors (ie. vacation, illness, or business changes), a client may wish to unsubscribe from their VA. You can cancel your virtual assistant service at any time by email, call or unsubscribe via the portal before your next billing cycle begins if you are on the flex plan. If you have a contract rate, your subscription will continue until your subscription period is over.

Answer: Yes our business plans allows multiple users, but only within the allotted hours in the plan purchased. You may specify which users will have access to your account at the setup of your account, or you may add users at a later time.

Answer: Plans will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis starting from the date you signed up. We will bill the monthly subscription fee to the credit card you provided to us during registration and your membership will automatically renew for the following month without prior notice unless you cancel your membership. You must cancel your membership before it renews for the next month’s fees, with at least a 30 day prior notice period.

Answer: We try our very best to make sure that every client is as satisfied as possible. However once a membership fee is processed we will be unable to grant refunds, not including exceptions stated in the TOS. If you plan on discontinuing your membership, you can cancel before the next cycle begins. If you are unhappy with a project, we will reassign you to another agent, and fix it until it meets your requirements.

Answer: Tasks can be of any type, which does not require a physical presence & can be executed using a phone or computer. Please contact us to know how we can execute your tasks. We will discuss and understand your scope of requirement and assign a Virtual Assistant who has the right background, education, and expertise to work on your projects

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Reviews :
  • E Virtual Services allowed me to grow my business rapidly. I hired an assistant to manage my orders, and also up to 5 people who repriced my inventory during my peak ordering season. I was able to cut my labor costs by over 50%, which allowed me to increase profitability and sales faster than I ever would have dreamed! I will recommend this to everyone I know! Cheers!

    Michael Felder
  • I used the internet research and accounting services of E Virtual Services. They gave me great results at a great price. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for these type of services.

    Vinni Lohiya
  • I realized that my business needed a Web Site and had been calling around for price quotes when I got a call from E Virtual Services. They, by far, had the best bang for the buck with their Web Site design package. Im so pleased with my Web Site and have already seen an increase in business in the last two months!

    Nancy Kremer
  • I own a small motor manufacturing company and decided to switch my customer support call center to E Virtual Services. I wasnt sure how I would like it, but after trying it, I was very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency. Making the switch saved me 52% on labor costs, and was one of the best business decisions I have made in a while. Thanks again!

    Robert Brown
  • These guys designed and registered my website for me, and all I have to do is pay a low monthly fee for them to host and maintain it. Within the first 2 months my business had increased by around 30 percent! I would strongly recommend their web marketing as well. Overall I give these guys 2 thumbs up!.

    Carl Reece
  • I used their SEO services and was able to increase my web traffic last month by 78%! I have seen a big increase in calls and people stopping in my store as a result. Kudos to the E Virtual Services team and thanks again!.

    Josh Ackermann
  • These guys designed me a professional website for my insurance business for about half of what most of the other companies were quoting. I was really impressed with the result too! Thanks 

    Tricia Smith
  • E Virtual Services offers many services at a resonable price. I have an assigned Administrative Assistant ,who works for me, 40 hours a week. Eventhough my employee is located in India, he reports to me daily via phone and email about completed assignments. I am 100% satisfied. E Virtual employees are experts in what they do and complete assigned tasks accordind to the customers specifications. I highly reccommend E Virtual Services as your one stop shop for Virtual services.

    Rodney Nigel Mayfield
  • E Virtual Services designed a quite professional looking website me in just over one week for a fraction of the cost of some of the other website development companies that quoted me. The website looks great, my business has increased as a result, and I could not believe how low the price was!

    John Price
  • Thank you for this quality based, low-cost website. I am impressed with your services, and I will recommend all my friends to you for low cost web applications

    Stephen Nguyen
  • Testimonial: E virtual services provides good service for achieving the goals of your company. My personal assistant helps me stay organized and helps manage my life. Thanks

    Andrew Carter
  • Evirtual Services have proven to be a safe and effective company to handle the online needs of my business, while educating me and offering insight into the highly competitive world of internet marketing. The project manager, SMO department, and SEO department at EVS have been extremely professional and reliable in handling every task and question that I have had for them. They have shown absolute interest and committment regarding helping to achieve my goals and I am looking forward to having great success with them for many years to come!

    Andre R.
    Extremely pleased on the handling of my website. The staff were helpful, especially Jop who continues to update me. The boss "Deepak" understood very well the challenges of customers with less fund and give me approximately 60% discount for the whole year. I will not hesitate to recommend Evirtual Services to anybody. Cheap, caring, follow through to the end. Way to go! Thank you so much. God bless!

    Aurea Phillip
  • Swati took over my website from a previous designer and project manager and was incredibly professional, and was always staying intouch with me every step of the way up until the very last minute when the site was completed. I want to thank you so much Swati for your patience and for your professionalism throughout the completion of this project. You are a great project manager. Much luck and continued success.

    Julie L.
  • I am very pleased with the services, at this time I would rate the services as 10, keep up the good work...Thanks

    Louis Wade
  • I am very pleased with the Web Design created by the team at E Virtual. A special thanks to Swati who worked with me on this. It actually took less time than I expected from start to finish. I would highly recommend the E Virtual services to anyone looking for quality Web Design at an affordable price. It is a great value for the money. Best Regards Paul P. Bristol, New Hampshire

    Paul Paine
  • We chose EVirtual Services to design a unique and functional website for our company. Swati and her team listened closely to our needs and expectations and delivered a website that looked great and also had the functionality we required. Every step along the way Swati kept me informed about her team's progress. Overall, working with Swati and EVirtual Services was a pleasant experience and I would gladly recommend their services to others. Rob

    Rob Downey
  • The service has been excellent and our Representative has been very good at responding to our needs. E virtual is a very good company to work with.

    Roger Biles
  • I want to say I am very pleased with my website! It looks great the lay out is outstanding and you guys really took my idea to the next level. Your customer service and dedicated hard work is priceless! All of my needs were met and then some, you guys are awesome! I would refer anyone looking to have a website to E-Virtual Services.

  • it was ,and still is a pleasure to work with the development team at evirtual services as they are very knowledgeable and understanding.they has bring my vision to life from a sketch and idea.

    Bryan Suedas
  • Great work on creating a new look to our dating site. Keep up the good work.

  • Swati Rajput and Evirtualservices did a wonderful and professional job on my website, often coming up with problem-solving solutions that made my website more professional and user-friendly. I was very pleased with the result and feel the cost was extremely reasonable. I will definitely use them again, and look forward to trying their marketing services. Sincerely, Andrea Marcus, Attorney

    Andrea M Marcus
  • Thank you Swati Rajput for calling and emailing me and keeping me informed about the updates in regards to my website design and development. It has been a great experience working with you and your team. Psychic Sagda

    Psychic Sagda
  • EVS created a Joomla based site based on a client\'s requirements. The work was prompt and the theme created matches the requirements exactly. I would be happy to recommend EVS to others.

    Adrian - RS8 Websites
  • I contracted E Virtual Services to redesign my company's web site. The team lead by Swati Rajput designed a great web site with a nice user-friendly look and feel pages. With the ease of use navigation, our newly designed web site has attracted more visibility and client traffic beyond our expectation. In addition, Virtual Services worked well with my team to meet all of our requirements. Good job, well done! CEO - Global Business IT

    Rex Dekyi
  • I am very happy with the website that was created for me. Initially, we had problems and I was worried but thankfully it was corrected in a timely manner and I am happy with the current website. The best part is when I try to locate it on google, I can.

  • In a short time we were presented with a eye catching home page,the information was clear and concise and the cost was affordable. Thank you .

    Body of Christ Retreats and Ministries
  • The design of my ecommerce site by Swati and the guys at Evirtual services was phenomenal! They were professional and on target every step of the way with the work!

    Orlean Newby
  • Thank you Swati and team for saving my client from a very bad experience with another site developer who left my client's website in a total mess. You helped us through the process and made it enjoyable. I would highly recommend eVirtual. You are easy to work with, communicated well during the various steps we went through and clearly know Joomla - which I don't. You were on time and in budget. Thanks for a great experience. I will definitely use your expertise again.

    Cheryl Lenmaon
  • Swati and the team understood my vision for my website based on just 2 phone calls and emails. They were able to bring the ideas that I had in my head into reality. They were patient and easy to work with. I am pleased with the end result.


  • Swati and her team did a wonderful job on my website. Even when I didn't understand the timing of the site they explained the process . Swati called when she had questions and they kept me informed by email. Once my site was complete they sent me a detail package of my site and how to maintain it. I am very happy with my site.

  • eVirtual has done an amazing job building a new website, and creating several landing pages for my businesses. The service is affordable and the value is excellent. The team will not stop until you are 100% satisfied, which is why they are my go to team for web design, SEO, SEM work. Call Swati and Mohit today!

    Linae Jackson
  • I learned about by surfing on the net. I had just written a book, "The Safety Pin: Holding Your Life Together When it's Bursting at the Seams." I needed expertise, guidance, support and patience. I needed a wider audience! Evirtual provided all of that! My website has been launched and I am well pleased!!! Thank you for being so professional and courteous! I recommend Evirtual to anyone interested in building a website!!!

    Dr. Francine Hernandez
  • The EVirtual staff has provided timely, accurate and economical support in developing both of my e-commerce web sites. My business depends on my web sites and my web sites depend on knowledge of complex coding and transaction processes - for which I know I can depend on EVirtual.

    John Cosgrove
  • We are very pleased with the service and end product we received from E Virtual Services. The GateBox app works as requested and the art work is outstanding. Nice job everybody.

    Rob Scheib Accountability Cash Box LLC
  • E virtual is comprised of extremely competent individuals. From setup to maintenance of our platform they have been terrific. I will recognize them for any start ups! Mohit is awesome and responsive!

    Akin Olaoye
  • Anshul Choudhary and Mohit Garg , wonderful, professional, patient and available service. The time and care taken by Anshul to teach me and explain all aspects of creating a professional website is beyond excellent customer service. Highly recommend this company and Anshul gets a 10 star review!!!!

    Piper Weigman